We specialize in wedding planning and arrange personal events in any country of the world.
Our team has great international work experience and unites the best experts of the wedding industry. It helps us to organize outstanding, elegant and luxurious weddings with a unique atmosphere. Our personal styling is thought out to the smallest details.
The planning of such weddings can’t be easy. Large scale of such events, demanding clients, the number of engaged participants, the level of guests care — it all demands accurate organization and special resources. We take it into account and plan our work as required.



The process of wedding arrangement can take one month or the whole year. During the whole wedding planning period you will have your personal wedding organizer who will be in charge of solving all arrangement problems. We provide the plan of organizational arrangements and meetings in advance, inform you in a convenient way and always keep in touch. As a result you will always be sure that your wedding will be perfect in everything. It is important for us that the whole organizational process wouldn’t be a routine for you but would be perceived as a part of celebration, that’s why we draw your attention to pleasant prewedding moments and don’t waste your time on problems that we can solve ourselves due to our experience and high level of responsibility.

You won’t worry about:



We love beauty and can create it on a large scale. Developing the visual part of the wedding we try to put emphasis on the peculiarity of the couple, their story, to develop a creative conception of the wedding and at the same time to make it elegant and exquisite. Thus we come up with a unique style of your celebration. The wedding gets its own and complete character when the wedding venue, decorations, the couple’s image and the entertainment program match with each other in one elaborate conception.
Due to the fact, that the whole design, images and style are developed in our agency, the consistency of the wedding conception is entirely under our control. That makes for perfect weddings that don’t have unnecessary or unmatching details.

We pay high attention to:



Carefully working out the wedding scenario and the program of the wedding day we succeed in creating a festive atmosphere during the whole celebration. This is what we call «emotional direction» — when the wedding isn’t just a concert with series of toasts. It should be the most unforgettable event in the couple’s life penetrated with their love-story and every guest should realize that he came to your wedding.

We create the necessary atmosphere with the help of:



On the wedding eve we are the first to arrive at the wedding venue. We control the work and technical timing. Several dozens of suppliers and workers can be engaged in wedding organizing.
On the wedding day all responsibility zones are divided between the organizers. It allows us to coordinate every part of the wedding program and achieve great results.



We are equally interested in every couple. We consciously limit the number of weddings and don’t organize the weddings planned on the same date or even close dates in order to focus all our attention on you. We specialize in high level evens and can accomplish tasks of diverse complexity. The quality of our weddings implies huge work and responsibility, that’s why our reward depends directly on the range of the services provided.



Wedding is only a beginning of your story. By achieving your trust once, we continue surprising you with happy moments planning and organizing touching family celebrations for you. Birthdays, anniversaries, parties for children, theme parties, client events — we plan and organize absolutely different events which then become unforgettable stories. By entering DD-club you will gain many benefits such as priority over other clients for booking perfect dates for your celebrations, confidence in the result and trustworthy helpers, understanding your wishes so completely.