July 2, 2019


  • We are located in the heart of fashionable Moscow, at the intersection of Malaya Bronnaya and Tverskoy Boulevard. This sets a special rhythm for our preparation. Our new office and the life of our team demonstrate our own taste, set trends in the market, possess the hospitality of a real home, and attract guests who strive for a beautiful and interesting life.


    The studio maintains the confidentiality of private projects, so the agency's office is ideally suited to the style of a "Parisian apartment," permeated with the spirit of freedom and love for personal comfort. No one except us will know that you are getting married if you wish. Or the whole world will talk about your wedding if you want to share your happiness.


    In the design of the space, we reflected a special approach that is traced in the style of our projects, embodied in the concept of restrained luxury. It is reflected in the exquisite design and bold approach.

  • The combination of matte and gloss, stucco and comics, classical sculptures and modern furniture, suits and sneakers, black and white - speaks not only of our ability to find harmony in everything but also of our fearlessness in creating and filling people's lives with creativity and individuality.


    In our new office, ancient Greek gods and famous sculptures are responsible for classicism, sophistication, and timeless grandeur: Zeus on the fresco in the first hall; the head of Venus opposite the office; Apollo at the entrance to the fireplace room; a fresco with David in the kitchen.


    Modern context is added by the paintings of the artist and a good friend of the agency, Lisa, who created them specifically for us after working together at Emin Agalarov's wedding. She also drew a comic on the wall of the office, embodying the idea of Yura, CEO of "For Two."

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