Aug. 3, 2019

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Almost by accident, we found this lighthouse. In a closed area, in an abandoned state.
Since our couple wanted to make a truly family holiday, a secluded lighthouse on the Curonian Spit could be an ideal place. And the main feature is the nature around. The sea, the beach, the wind set the atmosphere that could not replace any design. We could only emphasize this beauty.

This is how we came up with the idea of restoration of the lighthouse and the first outline of the concept appeared.

концептуальная свадьба
невероятная свадьба в России

The couple fell in love with this idea at once: it was not just about repairing the lighthouse for themselves, but also to breathe a new life into this remote place, leaving a beautiful location for all future guests of this unique corner. So there was a special meaning for this idea. The project implementation phase has begun.

концептуальная свадьба 2020

Preparation process

The idea to restore a lighthouse for a wedding is truly bold and carries many risks. The preparation process was not easy and lasted for six months.
We were very pleased that our colleagues from Flower Bazar supported us with the idea immediately. As a rule, decorators are integrated in the process no sooner than at the design stage. But in this case we not only discussed the decor, but together we searched for the location.

unique wedding
special wedding лучшие свадебные организаторы
  • Weather risks
    The Curonian Spit for a wedding is not only an original, but also an incredibly risky decision. And the main reason for concern is the weather.

    Locals persistently told us about the strongest winds and heavy rains. Common sense suggested that there could be no question of a wedding on the beach in such weather.
  • But we took a chance.
    And just a few days before the wedding, during the final installation, there was just such weather - windy and rainy.

    Looking ahead, we’ll tell you - on the wedding day, a real miracle happened at the ceremony! Throughout the district, except our village, there was bad weather, while we were having clear sky!
world best wedding planners
world best wedding planners

Immersion to the atmosphere

We love it when there is time and opportunity to immerse guests in the atmosphere of a place.
Many invited guests had not previously been to the Kaliningrad region and the Curonian Spit and enjoyed the organized excursion program. Others had their free time and walked in their favorite places.
None of the guests had the opportunity to see the very place where the last preparations for the wedding day were still in progress, until the very beginning of the event it remained a secret.

лучшее свадебное агентство
  • On the sandy shore. To the sound of the waves and the singing of the wind. Surrounded by the closest.

    The welcome part of the event took place in a tent at some distance from the ceremony and banquet venue and the boat trip to the lighthouse only strengthened the impressions and emotions of not only the couple, but also the guests
  • The decor and the program were thought out in such a way as to immerse the guests and the couple in the atmosphere of the holiday, but not distract them from each other.

    And we did it: the wedding was very sincere and heartfelt. Hence the name of the project - TRUE WEDDING.
лучшее свадебное агентство

Organization, concept and style: Dlya Dvoih wedding agency
Decor: Flower Bazar
Photo: Arseny Prusakov


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