July 9, 2019

How to organize a stylish wedding


This year we opened the spring season with a wedding in Sochi. And at the very beginning of this journey we began to look for inspiration in the atmosphere of this place, taking into account that the wedding will be in April. Freedom of the natural elements has become an excellent metaphor for the concept of a wedding

wedding inspiration
  • Concept - “Freedom to love”
    Why did we give this wedding story exactly this name? This is a very cool antithesis! After all, “marriage” is not “freedom”, but we are talking about the fact that one can love free and easily even being married.
  • Thus, stating: marriage is not a bond, but a flight, a free flight.
    We decided to arrange the wedding ceremony at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level, where the feeling of freedom is the most real!
wedding concept


Sketches of the project help to visualize in advance the image of the wedding. This is when the bride tells us "yes" long before the wedding.

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  • Ceremony script
    Imagine how the words of the officiant sounded during the ceremony:
    “Do not open your eyes - open your hearts ... Hold hands and think about each other. Remember how your loved one looks like ... What are his eyes, his smile ... Remember how beautiful you are today... Before you - a whole life, and only you can decide how it will sound

  • Before you is a new world, with its sun, clouds, mists, horizons, roads, with its aromas and sounds ...

    Today, being in the place where freedom and love meet at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level, we want you to take a step into the unknown called "happiness."
creative wedding ceremony

The wedding banquet was held in the hall with a panoramic sea view. The scenery of the hall reflected on the mirror surfaces and harmoniously merged with the endless sea into a harmonious picture of beauty and serenity.

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Concept visualization is created so that the couple could imagine the atmosphere of the wedding day.
After the concept is approved, a detailed elaboration of the idea begins, so that the style, scenery, playground, equipment, script, photo and video production do not contradict each other.

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