Oct. 1, 2016


Свадьба в Италии, организации свадьбы на берегу на море с понарамным видом
Праздничный ужин на летней веранде с фиолетовой флористикой Свадебный торт с живыми цветами с градиентом

      The cave that we chose for the wedding ceremony had never been used as a wedding venue before. The fulfilment of our idea demanded much technical equipment, light and loud music. That's why it was essential to guarantee safety for the guests of the wedding. So, geologists had been checking the cave for several months, then a team of builders reconstructed the cave and made it stronger.  

    As one of the hotels where the wedding celebration took place was situated in the volcanic zone, it was forbidden to build anything there, but we managed to created a unique, extremely light ground for this event, which was absolutely safe.

  • It took us many days to build the banquet zone, that's why we also created a special building system in order not to disturb the guests with loud noices and not to show the decorations before the event. We also built a transparent roof to protect the guests from the rain during the wedding dinner and to give them an opportunity to enjoy the sky full of stars in the evening.
Свадебная церемония в пещере
Свадьба в пещере в гроте
Свадьба на юге Италии  лучшее свадебное агентство Для Двоих
Свадьба в Grand Hotel Cocumella Сорренто Италия
Как сделать свадьбу в Италии Кто организовывает свадьбу в Италии

      As we had chosen a cave in the hill for the ceremony, we managed to create a unique atmosphere on the wedding day. The guests of the wedding went downstairs just along the cliff and found themselves in a hidden cave just inside the hill. Everyone could enjoy majestic beauty of nature and intimacy at the same time. It seemed that it was a perfect place for such an important event. At the very beginning of the ceremony the guests watched a breathtaking performance: bright lights, great background music…

  • The video told the guests Igor and Elena’s unforgettable love story.

    The bride and the groom hadn’t seen each other before the ceremony on the day of the wedding. It was extremely important for them to feel that everything was real. Though the ceremony was held in the cave, it was official and the mayor of Sant'Agnello took part in the ceremony.
Официальная регистрация брака (церемония) в Италии Свадебная церемония в пещере
Первый поцелуй молодоженов

      On getting the invitation, one could imagine what a unique and unforgettable wedding it will be. The guests received a box, inside of which they found a transparent cube, filled with blue sea water. The lyrics that described every day of the celebration program was written on the sides of the cube. The wedding scenario developed the idea of the couple's lyrics - «love beckons you out of the horizon line…»

    «…where there are other constellations in the sky» - the trip out of the horizon line began with a welcome dinner on the open porch with a breathtaking sea view. Exactly this place inspired us to develop it into the wedding conception.

  • «…where lava makes time infinite» - the guests set off for the adventure to Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii and local vineyards.

    «…where great feelings rise from depths and you want to share them with the most precious people» - the wedding ceremony in the cave above the sea took place.

    «…where great feelings meet vivid emotions» - After all touching moments and numerous words of love there is nothing better than great fun: trip to a famous island Capri to enjoy its picturesque landscapes. Capri is a place, where one doesn’t need anything to feel that it is the edge of the world.
Оригинальное приглашение на свадьбу (квадратное, синее, жидкое, прозрачное, стеклянное)
Какое сделать приглашение на свадьбу

      Our bride had visited several countries, before she chose a perfect dress for the wedding ceremony, - a dress by Elie Saab. And a diadem by Damiani, inspired by Romanov's royal treasures, completed bride’s elegant aristocratic look.

  • By the way, the owner of Damiani jewelry house, Silvia Damiani was among the guests of the wedding, too and really enjoyed the festive atmosphere of the family celebration.
свадебное платье Elie Saab 2016 от кутюр
Elie Saab предопарте в Москве 2016-2017 Обнаженные подружки невесты

      We started to organize the celebration 8 months before the wedding. It is a rather comfortable period of time to plan a massive event with a unique scenario and lots of small, but carefully thought-out details. It was very important for us to involve every guest into our couple's beautiful love story from the very beginning and to fill every day before the wedding with thrill of anticipation.

    Together with our team of photographers and videographers we visited several Italian islands while choosing a proper place for a love-story photoshoot.

  • The road leading to the Vulcano Island turned out to be the most difficult ever! It took us 13 hours to get there from Naples. It is а well-known fact, that it’s extremely difficult to climb to its top, but as soon as we reached the top of the mountain, we realized, it was a perfect place!

    We opened the secrets of these endless horizons to the guests of the wedding, showed them adorable sunrises and sunsets, acquainted them with syrenes' home and told them Igor and Elena's love story. There were a lot of photoshoots: under the water, at the top of Mount Vesuvius, on the yaught… The underwater video, actually the most difficult one, opened the ceremony and was displayed on the wall of the cave.
лав-стори love-story на вулкане предсвадебная лав-стори love-story на яхте
образ русалки на свадьбе. утро невесты сборы невесты образ русалки
  • TEAM

    Every wedding demands high professionalism from the team, that’s why to achieve every our goal and fulfill every our idea we choose external collaborators very properly.

  • Technical equipment and decorations were delivered from different countries under strict control of our wedding coordinators. We divided different zones of responsibility between 12 wedding coordinators. More than 150 other people worked with them at the venue on the day of the wedding
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Planning, conception and style: wedding planning agency Dlya Dvoikh
Photographers: Andrew Bayda, Misha Moon, Konstantin Semenikhin

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